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HDS-9 Gen3

Lowrance autopilot packs for High Definition System (HDS) displays, provide automatic steering for cable-steer or hydraulic-steer outboard motors. An extra pair of hands when you need it, the Outboard Pilot, featuring Lowrance SmartSteer™ control from your HDS Carbon or HDS Gen3 displays, will steer to a heading, waypoint or along a route.  StructureScan 3D requires a 3D module with transducer and a HDS Carbon or HDS Gen3 fishfinder/chartplotter display. StructureScan 3D features enhanced SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ with the capability to show high-definition views of underwater structure to the sides of the boat – up to feet to each side of the boat. Важно новая система высокой точности Lowrance High Definition System в омутах серии HDS Gen3 заказала в себе передовые особенности эхолокации и технические разработки в копии навигации, которые интегрированы в оба простой в наличии сенсорный мульти-дисплей. Полностью секретная система HDS касается в чтобы более яркий мульти-сенсорный дисплей и полученный процессор вывода с передовыми технологиями, безо CHIRP Sonar, Broadband Sounder™. Lowrance HDS High Definition Systems provide revolutionary marine technology with built-in Broadband Sounder, High Definition Insight electronic charts. Lowrance High Definition System (HDS) combines a brighter, multi-touch display and enhanced processor with leading-edge fishfinder technologies—including CHIRP Sonar, Broadband Sounder, StructureScan® HD, DownScan Imaging and Trackback™ view—plus the latest advances in navigation and user interface, including internal 10Hz GPS, dual microSD card slots, touch plus keypad operation and built-in wireless connectivity—all in one. easy to use display. Key Features. Lowrance HDS Gen3 advantages: Easy to See: 12", LED-backlit, multi-touch, widescreen display. Simple to Use: Improved Lowrance.
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